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Heidy and Stephanie created “a lifestyle refined” to share their unique perspectives on beauty, entertaining, fashion, travel, and everything in between. Showcasing their respective cities, Chicago and Nashville, they share a passion for an inspired lifestyle.

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  • camila alves/ann taylor

    WCIU Oscar Inspired Daytime LooksNow that we've seen a little tease of warm weather it's time to look forward to Spring and all of the fashion that it will entail. Whether you spend your days at the office or running errands with your children it's always nice to look good and feel good. I always get asked where do I get my inspiration to put together outfits for myself and my clients. Would you believe that some of my inspiration actually comes from the red carpet?
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    Posted by: heidy on March 10, 2014

  • Image via Bright Bazaar Blog

    Interior Inspiration – SeriesHave you seen the new home collection from H&M? During my daily search for Pinterest inspiration, I came across the image below from Bright Bazaar Blog, and found it so beautiful and soothing. I am loving the mix of neutral blacks and grays with pale colors like pink & smoky blue. There are also great patterns with a mix of texture such as velvet & linen. All of this at a price that won't have me crying when my dog decides to use one of the pillows as his bed, or my son uses the same as a weapon against his older sister....
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    Posted by: steph on February 19, 2014

  • Shannon O'Brien

    Smoky Eye Tutorial: ALR Favorite Shannon O’BrienIs your makeup routine stuck on auto-pilot? Well let me introduce you to Shannon O'Brien. She is a sought after makeup artist living in Chicago, making women's lives much easier with the touch of a brush...makeup brush that is.
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    Posted by: heidy on February 14, 2014

  • me, mom and courtney

    Sweet Surprise!Did you read Heidy's previous post, Valentine's Day Shopping For Stephanie? Like most working Mom's, finding the time to shop for myself is not easy…leaving me complaining to my husband saying, "I have no clothes!" - Sound Familiar? - Find yourself throwing on that same pair of Lululemon leggings everyday……MAYBE changing up the top? There's nothing wrong with that, but, I've realized that by doing this, I'm not feeling like my best self. I had previously talked with Heidy about the fact that I needed casual clothes that I could wear in my home office, then to run errands like picking up the kids, while still looking put together.
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    Posted by: steph on February 11, 2014


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