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Sweet Surprise!

me, mom and courtney

Did you read Heidy’s previous post, Valentine’s Day Shopping For Stephanie? Like most working Mom’s, finding the time to shop for myself is not easy…leaving me complaining to my husband saying, “I have no clothes!” – Sound Familiar? – Find yourself throwing on that same pair of Lululemon leggings everyday……MAYBE changing up the top? There’s nothing wrong with that, but, I’ve realized that by doing this, I’m not feeling like my best self. I had previously talked with Heidy about the fact that I needed casual clothes that I could wear in my home office, then to run errands like picking up the kids, while still looking put together.

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Valentine’s Gift Giving: Shopping for Stephanie

Stephanie necklace

I enjoy what I do at BECLOTHESMINDED because everyday is different and my days revolve around making women feel good about themselves. One of my favorite aspects of my job is when I get to shop for others, so I was thrilled when I received a call from Stephanie’s husband, Patrick.

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Where’s the Beef?

italian beef

Part of the fun over the Super Bowl is preparing the game day spread. While I enjoy putting together my famous charcuterie board and all of sides, my husband is in charge of the main entree.

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Getting Cheeky in Chicago

Stephanie Conger Jessica Zweig Heidy Best

When Jessica Zweig and Erica Bethe Levin met they became fast friends. They would go out for drinks one weekend and dinner the next, but it was challenging to find any online city guides that were geared towards women and what they liked to do. Thank goodness for brilliant ideas thought up over cosmos. Meet Jessica and Erica, founders of Cheeky Chicago.

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A New Year A New You


Another year gone and another year begins. I’m not sure what 2014 has in store for me but I’m curious, will I finally reach my goal weight? Will I become truly a fiscally responsible adult? Will I learn to not sweat the small stuff? So many questions I just don’t know the answers to, but it got me thinking. I’m a woman that never makes New Year’s resolutions and since I rarely achieve any sort of personal improvement, maybe there’s something to be said about writing down a handful of realistic goals in order to better myself during the new year. Well here goes nothing!

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